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Privacy Policy of

When you visit, you can trust us that you are on a 100% safe website. We have set many Privacy Policies for us, which assist us to increase the trust of visitors of our site.

Privacy Policy

There are many different ways to reach our site. Either you can search us on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and also at Wikipedia. Apart from this, our site is also accessible from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and LInkedIn.

When you share any information from, like the travel related articles which we publish or any image which we have added in the articles, you social media A/C will be well protected.

When you comment on at of our articles, where you would be requested to share your Name, Email id and website (optional). We will make sure that those details are 100% secured.

Information we collect

We collect the information of out site visitors which include:

  • The IP Address of the visitor.
  • The country location, along with state and city.
  • The name, email and website of the visitor who have commented on our travel articles.
  • All the emails which we receive from our email id, that is