Plan a Bishnoi Village Tour near Jodhpur

Bishnoi Village Tour
Bishnoi Village Tour

Bishnoi is a rural tribe from Hindu sect. These people follow the teachings of a 15th-century saint Guru Jambeshwar and are discrete in Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan. This tribe is world-famous for its conservative beliefs and non-violence. They do not let anyone harm nature – the animals, trees and flora and fauna.

If you want to experience the life and beauty of this tribe, Guda- a beautiful village near Jodhpur is your place. Located approximately 25 km from Jodhpur, Guda is famous for its scenic beauty, Khejri trees, and deer. There is an artificial lake in the village which is a favorite picnic spot.  One can reach there by a private car or Jeep.

This Bishnoi village is an exotic wildlife spot, and the inhabitants of this village are faithful worshippers of nature. In this world of exploitation, villagers have conserved the culture, plants, and wildlife admirably. They pray plants and animals that inhabitant in their land. The pure-vegetarian tribe is the worshipper of Lord Vishnu. The legends of this community even sacrificed their lives to save trees. Khejri Massacre is a final part of history where 363 Bishnoi men and women lose their lives while saving trees from cutting.

Bishnoi’s are also famous in the history as first opium growers. Opium tree is a part of their culture though it cannot be verified anywhere in the village.

This artificial Lake of this community is the home to many migratory birds like domicile cranes and animals like blackbucks and chinkaras. The Bishnoi community is a kind of desert oasis, and one can easily find antelope blackbucks drinking water in the lake. Blackbucks and antelopes roam freely around the village because they know that no one in the village will harm them or let alone any damage reach them.

This arduous trip to this time warp village at the moment can refresh your mind, soul, and body.

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